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Areas of Expertise

Individual Therapy

Trauma is at the root of our unconscious patterns showing up as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addictions, substance abuse, rage outbursts, self-neglect, job instability, and many other manifestations. Healing our childhood trauma or neglect, our generational trauma, and collective trauma can clear the way for your authentic self to show and flourish. The scars of your trauma can become a golden glue which hold together a broken vase, making who you are more interesting and beautiful, like in the art of Kintsugi.    

Couples and Family Therapy 

Relationships can be difficult, particularly when we are in long-term relationships. An environment of high conflict or silent suffering of any family member is toxic for everybody around. How to be true to yourself with your individual needs, preferences, and beliefs whilst allowing others to have their needs and preferences is the art of relationship. The people in the relationship are never the problem. Judgment and shame have no place in healing the relationship. I will help you discover how your patterns of relating to others might be problematic, and to find out how those patterns are covering a deep longing for love and connection.     

Career Counseling 

Are you seeking a job, a career, or a 'calling'? A job sustains your lifestyle; a career is a potential path towards growth; and a calling is that direction to which we can find the greatest fulfillment. Sometimes these three elements do not align and that's okay. Knowing the difference between them and where you are now, will allow for the much needed perspective to make your next step. I work with my clients to uncover their "calling," and to start finding fulfillment

Preparation and Integration of Altered State of Consciousness Experience  

Your experiences of altered states of consciousness can become just a fading memory, or a persistent horror dream, without the proper preparation and integration. Bringing your discoveries from your adventures in altered states into your ordinary conscious awareness, healing your wounds by helping you to make meaning from your experiences, and helping to heal your relationships in the past and present, is the goal of my work with you. Let's help you to prepare for and integrate your altered states together.

My Approach

Your goals for therapy will guide my approach. Sometimes learning some communications skills may be enough, and we may have a short therapy life-span. Families and couples often benefit from a brief therapy approach where small changes can make big differences in the quality of the relationships. Additionally, some families and couples in therapy can realize that there are deeper patterns behind problematic interactions, and decide to do individual therapy. Emotionally focused and humanistic therapy is my preferred way of working with families and couples.

Individual therapy will vary depending on your goals and current situation. I will invite you into experiential therapy, where you can explore your feelings and sensations and thoughts in the present moment. Talking through your problems is soothing, but finding new experiences of the same problem can be healing. In the safe container that I will provide, I will invite you into enactments using gestalt, or I explore your internal world using IFS (Internal Family System), the sand tray, your dreams and altered state of consciousness experiences, mindfulness techniques and guided visualization. My approach is unique for each individual  using many modalities to find what resonates with you the most.      

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My Approach
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